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Top Tier Media provides social media strategy, daily management, SEO and blogger outreach for beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle brands.

Top Tier Social Media – Social Media Strategy, Public Relations and Blogger Outreach for Beauty, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle Brands. We have extensive experience and success in helping brands broaden their social media fan base, increase customer engagement, and get millions of views via social media platforms. Our specialty is building a community of engaged customers catered to your brand and creating conversations tailored to your niche in the social media world – from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and beyond – helping you to increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. As the founders of the Beauty Blog Coalition, we also have close working relationships with the top beauty and fashion bloggers in NYC and LA and around the world, to help you get high quality media placements for your brand.

Meet The Team

Meet the Top Tier Media team!

  • Jen Mathews Top Tier Media President

    Jen Mathews


    Jen Mathews is an award-winning blogger and social media strategist with a B.A. in advertising and over 14 years of marketing experience. Jen is the founder of the Beauty Blog Coalition and Editor-in-Chief for My Beauty Bunny, a top 100 beauty blog founded in 2009.


  • Claudia Materdomini

    Claudia Materdomini

    PR & Social Media Specialist

    Claudia has her own beauty blog, www.iliketotalkalot.com, and she loves all things social media! She is an expert at finding the right influencers for the right projects. She loves spending time with her family, working out at the gym and trading fashion items on Poshmark.


A selection of Top Tier Media client case studies.

  • Dermalogica social media


    Dermalogica social media and influencer outreach – Increased social media fan bases & reach dramatically. Instagram followers increased by 27.55%. Reached key...

  • LaserAway

    LaserAway Med Spa – Created a “10,000 likes” campaign that increased sales by $40,000 in one month. Increased fans and reach with promotions, giveaways and local...

  • Youth H20

    YouthH2O – Helped to kickstart the very much buzzed about supplement featured on The Today Show and seen in InTouch Magazine and US Magazine. Gained 50,000...

  • Be Well Expo

    BeWell Expo – featured on top beauty and key influencer websites and blogs, reaching over 1.7 million readers...

  • That’s It Fruit

    That’s it Fruit Bars – Grew Facebook fans to 450,000+. As seen on Hungry Girl, Self.com, PopSugar and Tone It Up Girls. Found in Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe,...

  • Stur

    Stur Drinks – Used promotions and Facebook ads to gain 100,000+ Facebook fans in 2 1/2 months. Increased sales with promotions, blogger outreach and PR campaigns...

  • Beautisol

    Beautisol – As seen on HSN and Women’s Health. Created an instant win game that resulted in 5,000 new US-based fans in just under 3 weeks. Increased reach...

Top Tier Media Tactics Blog

Tips and tricks on navigating the social media waters from the Top Tier Media team.    


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Top Tier Media's past and present client roster. References happily given upon request.

Jen worked with us on our social media strategy and implementation. She proved to be an extremely knowledgeable social media expert and business professional. She quickly worked with our team to identify our goals and then put together a full plan with goals, milestones and due dates based on our initial strategy. Jen is a great communicator with fast response and follow-up. But ultimately –  she delivered results.
BeautisolChris Raniere, Co-Founder
  • earthbath
  • Healthy Way
  • The Dog Bakery
  • The Dina Collection
  • Chella Beauty
  • LATHER Social Media
  • Michael Todd Social Media
  • Dermalogica Social Media
  • Onsen Social Media
  • Sofia Z Shoes
  • LA Talk Live social media
  • Steven Donia DDS


Top Tier Media provides social media management, consulting, blogger outreach and public relations for fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle brands.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Need help with social media?
    We’re here to help. Social media marketing adds value to your brand, gets you noticed and makes you part of the conversation!

  • Influencer and Blogger Outreach

    Are you looking for bloggers and other key online influencers to share your brand? We can help you reach influencers who drive traffic, create buzz, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Social Media Consulting

    Want to run your own social media channels, but don’t know where to start? Do the words SEO, PPC, CPC, SMS and SMM make your head spin?


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Top Tier Social Media provides social media for beauty industry, fashion, health, fitness, and lifestyle brands. Social media consulting, social media strategy, social media marketing, blogger outreach, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, influencer outreach, and more!