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10 rules of social media marketing via Top Tier Media

10 Rules of Social Media Marketing

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The rules in this article are intended to improve the way you manage your social media accounts. You know you need a social media presence, but that presence can’t alienate the following you currently have. Each of the ten social media marketing rules is designed to make your business more visible without changing its core values.

#1: Be Consistent

Your social media presence is the only contact some customers will have with you. Your social media account must be updated regularly to ensure visibility with your social media-only customers, not to mention a more active and visible profile increases your chances for customer engagement.

#2: Provide Value

You cannot promote sales on your social media accounts without providing real value to your customers. Customers are more likely to shop with you if they are learning something from your business. This includes behind the scenes access, a look at up-coming product launches, entertaining or informative content, answering customer inquiries and resolving any issues.

#3: Be Accessible

Ensure that all contact initiated by customers is returned within 24 hours (or less). Your customers are contacting you on social media because they need help, and you must respond as quickly as you can. People are less likely to call an 800 number these days. Social media is now considered a customer service channel.

#4: Be Polite

Social media is a breeding ground for rude behavior among your followers, but you should not return that rudeness. Your social media account should be a kind place where customers can get assistance with any issues.

#5: Choose A Proper Name

The name of each social media account must be consistent. Using the same name across all your social media accounts is important, and you must choose a name people can easily search. Using abbreviations will only cause confusion among your customers.

#6: Share Across Platforms

You can share across social media platforms when you are using them, but you must choose to share with wisdom. Do not share the same item from one social media account to another multiple times. Your customers will catch on to an overwhelming amount of content if they think it looks like spam.

#7: Allow For Sharing

Your social media presence involves sharing. The pages and products on your site should have a share button that allows customers to share your content on their social media accounts.

#8: Be Human

Your social media account must be run by a real person. Joking with customers and being fun is part of the charm of social media. Your social profile shouldn’t replicate an RSS feed.

#9: Interact With Other Companies

Having online conversations with other companies allows you to grab a bit of the spotlight. These conversations amount to free publicity on the other company’s social media feed. Of course, use caution when communicating with your competitors.

#10: Expand Your Operation

You need to expand to new social media sites when they appear on the landscape, but only when that platform is appropriate to the demographic you target. For example, as of this writing, you more than likely don’t need to join SnapChat if you target an older demographic. Go where your demographic is!

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On January 6, 2016

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  2. You have done some incredible work here. I really like the way you have proved that everything is possible. Thank you for sharing these tips and good luck for future writing.

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    Thank you so much for all the ideas you have shared to all your audience. You really highlighted and mentioned what’s important to consider in a Social Media Marketing.

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    Great post! I especially love your advice about Interacting With Other Companies because that seems to be where most of the hardship really lies.

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