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3 reasons why you still need Facebook for marketing

3 Reasons Brands Still Need a Facebook Presence

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With the rise of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social networks, it’s easy to forget about Facebook. Many businesses have either gotten off the site or never set up a brand page at all. Facebook is never going away. It’s still powerful and your business needs a Facebook presence.

Think you don’t need it? As of 2015, there are over four times more active users on the site worldwide than on Twitter or Instagram. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on millions of active users.

Bring Customer Service to the Forefront

When customers need help, have a complaint or just want to know more about your business, they go to Facebook. Your page is an opportunity to provide fast and friendly customer service. It’s a chance to address any issues immediately before you lose customers.

The best part is the nearly immediate response to your customers helps increase their trust in you. As other customers find your page, they’ll see how quickly you respond and how dedicated your business is to taking care of customer needs.

Be Where Your Customers Look First

Customers expect every business, even small local businesses, to have a Facebook presence. When they want to check store hours, learn more about what you have to offer and see what other customers think, they go to Facebook first. If you’re not there, they might choose a competitor instead.

The lack of any Facebook presence makes a customer question whether you’re reliable or not. They might feel as if you’re hiding something or don’t care about interacting with your customer online.

Improve Your SEO

Businesses looking for better SEO shouldn’t ignore Facebook. Though it’s not clear how Google uses Facebook directly, the links back to your site and increased traffic to your website or blog via Facebook links does help boost your rank.

Another thing to consider is Facebook’s relationship with Bing. Bing is Google’s direct search competitor and is preferred by many users. Bing does factor in Facebook likes, shares and comments in its ranking criteria. Plus, Facebook’s Graph Search uses Facebook activity to rank its search results.

Don’t ignore Facebook or think of it as outdated. It’s still number one and still a must have for your business.

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On August 19, 2015
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