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Social Media Trends for 2015 via @toptiermedia

4 Social Media Trends in 2015

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It is clear that social media is not going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, just by taking a look at 2015, you can see that there are some trends that will change the way we look at social media altogether. These are trends that we must keep an eye out for because they are real game-changers.

1. Niche Social Media Sites Will Take Over

For so long, we have dealt mainly with mainstream social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but that won’t be the case in 2015. In particular, Ello is an ad-free social network that will cater to a specific niche (especially those looking to escape to an ad-free social platform.) Some other niche social media sites include Foodie, which is aimed at strictly food lovers, and Fitocracy for those who can’t get enough of fitness.

2. Google + Will Show a Clear Decline

While some social media sites have really taken off, others just haven’t. Google + is one of those accounts that hasn’t been able to find the success it deserves. Due to that, the number of users on this social media network will most likely decline. With the Google + chief evangelist resigning and Google Authorship’s failure, there is not much hope here for this site.

3. Commerce Experimentation Will Only Increase

In 2014, we saw social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest integrating commerce into their network. For instance, Twitter started using Product Cards, which showed an image of certain items along with a description and Buy button. Facebook allowed brands to insert a tracking pixel on their website so that they can conduct Audience Retargeting via Facebook. These ads shown only to users who have visited a brand’s website could be shown an ad with a “Shop Now” button. Pinterest also included rich pins to help brands sell more via its platform. We can expect a lot more of these types of ecommerce strategies in 2015.

4. LinkedIn will Gain Even More in Popularity

LinkedIn will continue to dominate in the New Year. Right now, it is the leading B2B social network and that won’t change in 2015. Actually, as much as 88 percent of B2B marketers turn to this site because of its option to draft long-form content. This is especially desirable to business users and recruiters.

Which social media trends are you looking forward to most in 2015? Are there any new trends you hope to see?

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On December 26, 2014
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