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5 Ways Twitter’s Redesign Can Benefit Brands

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Recently, Twitter decided to roll out its first new design since its original launch. Although Twitter has millions of users, keeping them active can be challenging, especially with the advent of new methods of utilizing the site itself, including mobile phone devices and tablets.

Here are 5 benefits of the redesign:

Simplicity and First Impressions

The new Twitter design is simplistic with a feel that is more appealing to users who browse and are familiar with Facebook. Even the “Pin to the Top” option exists in the new Twitter design, which has long been an option for Facebook fan pages. The new Twitter design is clean, efficient and allows you to quickly browse. First impressions of brands and those who are interested in your company are no longer dependent on the overall look, layout, design and color scheme you select for your own Twitter page. Instead, Twitter itself is now streamlined and more visually-appealing, regardless of the type of content or information you are searching for online.

Less Clutter

Twitter’s new design is now more modern, clean cut and rid of clutter altogether. Less clutter within Twitter is a way for you to access content easier while streamlining any followers you have or individuals you follow yourself. Without clutter, it is more likely that users will stay on your page to find the most important updates, contests or even links to your own blog or website.

New Discovery Section

There is an entirely new discovery section on Twitter to help with finding new content, tracking trends and even discovering new users that you are most likely to follow. Using the new discovery section is a way to ensure you are utilizing any time you spend on your Twitter account as wisely as possible.

Larger Avatar and Header Image

Now your company logo and product image become the main focal point of your Twitter profile. Avatars have increased in size up to 400×400 and header images are 1500×1500.

Responsive Design

Having the ability to easily view, access and browse Twitter with the use of your tablet, mobile phone or other electronic device is essential. The new Twitter design provides all users with the ability to easily browse and find information on any electronic device that is being used.

Understanding how Twitter’s new redesign can help to benefit and boost your brand is a way for you to stay ahead of competition while also appealing to any online followers and customers you have.

Here are some examples:

Tiffany on Twitter


NARS on Twitter


Dior on Twitter


Fitness Magazine on Twitter


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On May 22, 2014
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2 Responses to 5 Ways Twitter’s Redesign Can Benefit Brands

  1. Ileane says:

    Twitter’s new layout looks really great! But I’m finding that there is a huge difference in the way it looks on various devices. It’s almost impossible to be sure that any text overlays work across the board. I decided to just put up something colorful and hope that get’s noticed by new followers. Thanks for the run down.

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