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Basic SEO Techniques

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The discipline of search engine optimization is becoming more precise with each search engine update. SEO now includes not only keyword optimization and directory assistance, but also comprehensive backlinking strategies and personal relationships with webmasters in your industry that are influential.

Although most companies find the most success outsourcing the legwork of search engine optimization out to a reputable third party, below are some basic SEO tips that you can implement today in order to immediately improve your search engine ranking in the major search engines.

SEO Tip #1 – Use different anchor text for links.
The anchor text is the clickable text that shows up when you place a link on a blog or in a comment. Depending on the formatting allowed, you will probably be using either the a-href or the [URL] syntax. Make sure that the anchor text, the text that shows, is different for different links, but make sure that all those anchor text keywords are related.

SEO Tip #2 – Content marketing is king, not technical prowess.
Your site content is the most important aspect of your search engine optimization. Make sure that you do not focus too much on the technical aspects of SEO. Part of how the search engines grade your site is how humans act when they visit it, so make sure that your information is optimized, but well written and interesting so that your bounce rate (rate at which people “bounce” off of your site) is low.

SEO Tip #3 – Build links slowly and naturally.
You can build links yourself to increase your search engine ranking. However, you will be penalized if you build them too quickly. Make sure that you only link back to your site from popular sites. You do not have to leave your links everywhere you go. Be selective and your search engine ranking will actually be better.

SEO Tip #4 – Stalk the competition for good ideas.
Watch what your more successful competition does for good ideas. It is actually quite easy, with a few clicks, to determine what keywords your competition is optimizing for and what relationships they have cultivated to get some really good “link juice” (what happens when your site gets a link from a popular site.)

SEO Tip #5 – Optimize each page of your web site to a different keyword.
Each page of your web site gets indexed separately within the major search engines. Make sure that you optimize each one of your pages to the keyword that is most relevant to it. For instance, the sales page of your cat food site might get better search engine rankings if you optimize it to “sell organic cat food” rather than “organic cat food.”

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On July 15, 2012

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