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Choosing the right social media networks for your brand

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Choosing how, when, and what to post on all of the various social media networks can boggle the mind. How do you identify your target audience? What networks are they using RIGHT NOW? And how do you track when that changes?  When is it time to change strategy? Here is a round-up of some of the top infographics dealing with these subjects, to help you make sense of the different social networks and the pros and cons of each, depending on your objectives. Guide to the Social Landscape: Outlines 10 of the top Networks and how they rank, according to customer communication, brand exposure, bringing traffic to your site, and SEO. Knowing which network to use for which area of outreach can help you to streamline your efforts and not waste valuable time on the wrong approach. (This was created in 2010 and does not include Google+, but it gives a great overview of the pros and cons of the other major networks.)

The CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape

Social Media Demographics: Who’s Using Which Site?  A simple, clear and concise breakdown by age, gender, income level and education level.

Demographics to the most popular social media sites

Age distribution on social networking sites – for a closer look at which age groups favor which sites

Social Media favorites for each age group

Facebook vs. Twitter:  Two social media giants. Both reach billions of people every day. Which site works best for which content?  This infographic explores some of the more subtle points of the two sites, such as ease of navigation and range of influence.

Facebook versus Twitter

How people share content – this one is an easy-to-read pie chart for an overview of the most-used social networks.

Sharing of online content

Are you a twitter devotee?  Find out which areas of the U.S. have the most twitter users

Twitter Territory in the U.S.A

Women in Social Media. With Top Tier Media’s focus on health, beauty and lifestyle brands, we are always interested in the social media patterns and trends of one half of the population – the ladies!  Take a look at the numbers and find out what most appeals to women on the web right now.

Women in Social Media

What do you think of these infographics? Are they consistent with what you’ve experienced in your own social media efforts? Resource: 55 Interesting Social Media Infographics

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