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How to create a custom formatted tweet via @toptiermedia #socialmedia

How To Create a Custom Formatted Tweet

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Looking to have your tweets stand out on Twitter? While customers are following your brand, they may also be following hundreds (if not thousands) or other people, as well. A tweet announcing a product launch or an amazing review can simply getting buried in their already busy stream.  Even when tweets are grouped, they may not quite stand out on a screen where literally dozens of tweets can populate at a time depending on the size of the monitor or display on the mobile device. So what’s the solution? A custom formatted tweet.

What’s a custom formatted tweet? We’re so glad you asked!

In a nutshell, a custom formatted tweet is when you add line breaks or emojis to your tweet instead of the standard 140 character sentence structure we’ve all become accustomed to.

How to Create a Line Break in a Tweet
While directly on the Twitter platform, hit the Return button to advance to a new line while composing your tweet. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t work in most apps, as hitting Return is the same as hitting Tweet, so your best bet is to use Twitter directly for these.

What Are the Benefits of a Tweet with Line Breaks?
Aside from giving you a much larger space in someone’s feed making you stand out, it also helps to emphasize a point and create a list-like tweet (and we already know that everyone likes lists!)

What is the Purpose of Emoji?
Emoji is a computer language and allows you to use emoticons and predefined messages in the form of pictures. There are numerous apps and plugin extensions that make it possible to use the emojis. The device or PC used can impact how the emojis are displayed. The main purpose is to either replace a word or words with a picture that represents it such as ♻ for recycle. Or it can be used to emphasize something.

How to Create a Tweet with Emoji
On the Mac, the latest version of the OSX system has to be downloaded in order to take advantage of this option. Emoji capabilities are built directly into the system and you can hit the command and control keys to bring up the emoji keyboard. The display will appear similarly to what it would look like on an iPhone.

PCs can perform these same functions using browsers. Downloading Chromoji if using a Google Chrome browser can make it possible to use an emoji while tweeting. Apps like those offered by iemoji.com will make these characters accessible while tweeting, as well.

Using Both Emoji and Line Breaks in Tweets
There are some tweets that are just noteworthy – and combining the use of emoji and line breaks in a tweet attracts even further attention.

The goal is to create a tweet that stands out and either garners retweets or clicks (if a link is within the tweet) or both.

Have you tried custom formatted tweets for your brand?

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On September 2, 2014
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