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healthy living on instagram

Healthy Living On Instagram

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Our body is a temple and our eyes need a feast! Get your fill with the following top 15 healthy living accounts on the popular social network, Instagram. Follow these accounts to give your eyes the feast it needs and the inspiration to keep your temple happy and healthy.

1) fitsugar
The folks at fitsugar share their snaps of healthy snacks, marathons, sports apparel and more. They make healthy look tasty and fun!

2) lululemon
There are loads of artsy pics and inspirational quotes. Also find plenty of product features and information as well. This Instagram account makes you want to ‘Namaste’ all day.

3) daphneoz
Daphne Oz, from ABC’s The Chew, takes you behind the scenes for healthy eating, travel, and celeb spotting!

4) davidavocadowolfe
David Wolfe sure seems like one happy dude. Maybe it’s because of all the raw foods, superfoods, and superherbs that he’s always consuming (and luckily for us, posting!)

5) Jamieoliver
This healthy chef takes us for a behind the scenes glimpse of his daily adventures. Follow Jamie for his wonderful “Recipe of the Day” posts.

6) womenshealthmag
Follow this ultimate Health-based magazine on Instagram for motivating quotes, new exercise ideas, and fun pics of staff in and out of the office.

7) menshealthmag
Follow the Men’s Health magazine account for the latest in style, work-out trends, and pics of sexy guys and gals.

8) foodrev
This Instagram account is Jamie Oliver and team’s “Food Revolution” movement. Meant to educate and empower people to stand up for real food. Beautiful posts of real food and real statistics to inspire and motivate.

9) Vegansofig
Vegansofig is an excellent source for all things vegan. Find posts related to food, beauty, and animal love.

10) Healthy_girl
Inspired, motivated, and excited… get ready for all of the above! Yummy healthy food posts, exercise related quotes, and awesome before and after pics of real people. This healthy girl is bound to get you there too!

11) sarahkayhoffman
This gluten-free lifestyle coach shares her life with followers through posts of food (gluten-free of course), her cute doggy, and more food. Hungry yet?

12) nutritionschool
Get nutritionally educated with this Instagram account. Expect beautiful and colorful food posts, inspirational quips, and tons of fun food facts.

13) Yoga_girl
Rachel Brathen is a Swedish native that inspires all potential yogis with her beautiful pics of poses, travels, and healthy living. Follow for all your Namaste needs.

14) gabbybernstein
Follow the spiritual role model, Gabby Bernstein, for a behind the scenes look of her jet-setting life. Expect inspirational quotes and back stage pics.

15) nourishup
This account has fun, colorful, and beautiful shots of food. Kasia Hrecka’s account is definitely nutrition and yummy focused.

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On November 15, 2013
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