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How to Convert Your Pinterest Account to a Business Account

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In addition to personal accounts, Pinterest recently introduced business accounts. If you already have a personal account on Pinterest, you may be considering the value of a business account. If you are afraid of the time commitment and effort that it will take to set up new pin boards and add all of your contacts, never fear!

How Do I Get a Business Account?

The process of converting a personal Pinterest account to a business account only takes a few quick clicks. When you go to the Pinterest homepage, click the About drop down menu in the top right corner of the page. Then, click on the For Businesses link. This takes you to the business section, which has a “convert your existing account” link.

Next, you’ll choose the best description for your type of business. It is easy to choose your business type because Pinterest provides examples for each type. Update your contact name and provide a company email address. On the same page, you’ll be asked to fill out your profile information with things like your business name, a short description and the URL for your official website.

Finally, read and accept Pinterest’s terms of use for business accounts and click Convert. It’s that simple! Now you’re ready to connect with potential customers and utilize all of the resources Pinterest offers for business users.

Pinterest Resources for Businesses

When you register for a business account on Pinterest, you can get a verification badge for your profile that helps your target market identify you as a producer of high-quality content and easily find you in search results. You also gain access to new buttons and widgets that help you get more engagement and traffic back to your site from Pinterest users.

Pinterest also publishes case studies, guides and other useful documentation for its business users. These resources help you identify what marketing tactics work. That way, you can get more followers and inspire pinners with the quality content your company produces. Various large companies also share how they use Pinterest to increase their message’s reach and drive quality unique traffic to their sites. Pinterest also provides a “What Works” guide for best practices.

Overall, switching to a business account is a great idea for businesses that want to use social media sites for marketing and customer outreach purposes.

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On November 15, 2013

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