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How To Make Your Twitter Page More Engaging

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It can take merely seconds for a first impression to be made in real life. In the world of Twitter, it takes the same, if not less, time to size up someone else’s Twitter bio in order to decide if you want to follow them back. While everyone is looking for different content on their quests in deciding who is worthy of a follow back, there are a few simple guidelines that can help your Twitter page be more follow friendly.

Never leave your bio blank – Nothing screams spam more than a blank bio on a Twitter page. Also, if you are looking to connect with others, it makes people wonder why you don’t want to disclose anything about yourself. Create a bio that’s brief and explains who you are. Use short and compelling sentences that explain who you are and what you do. Express what your passions are whether they are your hobbies, your lifestyle or the work you do. Add a few relevant hashtags so people can find you via search.

Use a picture of yourself – Unless you are representing a business page and are using a business logo in the profile image, you should always be using a photo of yourself. While it may be fun to put up a silly image or a picture of your pet in your profile picture, it doesn’t give people a sense of who they are connecting with. Since Twitter is the ultimate hub of online conversation, it’s important to make yourself as transparent as possible in order to make real connections.

Update your twitter feed regularly – If the last time you tweeted was two weeks ago, the likelihood that someone is going to follow you might be slim. If you want to have more followers, try to tweet every day. If you are unable to manually post content every day, web tools like are great for scheduling content allowing you to check in periodically and chat with others from a smart phone.

Offer something – Whether it’s being entertaining, offering advice and links to your blog, or relevant content in a particular industry, make sure your page offers something other than pictures of what you had for lunch. Keep in mind that not everyone knows you personally, so build connections by posting interesting content related to you but not necessarily about you. Posts solely about yourself will get boring fast.

Do you have any other great Twitter tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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On September 24, 2012

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  1. Becca says:

    Some interesting ideas you have here. Twitter has now been a bridge between the actual consumers and the companies. It is a great place to reach your target market. All you have to is execute it properly, just like the ones you’ve mentioned.
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