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how to find fashion and beauty bloggers

How to Pitch Bloggers

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Learn How to Pitch Beauty and Fashion Bloggers

Got a great beauty, fashion, health or lifestyle product to share with the world? Beauty and fashion bloggers can be a great way to reach your target audience. Bloggers can get the word out! But how do you reach them? What are the unspoken rules? Not sure how to craft your pitch? Read on!

Here are some tips:

  • Send relevant press kits. Of course you wouldn’t send pitches for auto parts to a food blogger. But, go one stop further and read the “About” section and a few blog posts before contacting – don’t make the mistake of sending a cheese product to a vegan blogger!
  • Perfect your pitch. Address the blogger by name – make it seem personal and not like a mass email (even if it is – but we don’t recommend mass pitches in general). Don’t forget to include information about your product, small photos or pdfs (don’t clog up in-boxes without asking; “Photos available upon request” works beautifully), a link to your product’s website (you won’t believe how many people forget the link), your contact information, when the product will be released, prices, etc.
  • Use the magic words. Include the phrase “press samples available” instead of asking to send products for review. This is a subtle way to encourage bloggers to ask YOU for the product. While there is no obligation for bloggers to review your product (unless you have a written agreement to pay for an “advertorial”), they will be more likely to do so if they have requested the product samples.
  • Include a short description of your product with relevant links. Let’s say you have an upcoming event that you’d like a blogger to share with his/her readers. If they can cut and paste a short, pre-written description of the event with links, they will be much more likely to post. Make their lives easier. This should be written in the tone of the blog you’re trying to reach (usually an informal tone) and should be newsworthy (not OVERLY self-serving). If a blogger has to re-write your formal press release in an informal tone, remove quotes from your president, and remove unnecessary fluff, they will be less likely to do it. Of course, the blogger can add to and edit your blurb, but you’ve given him/her a great head start.
  • Be professional and courteous at all times. You should cultivate relationships with bloggers the same way you would with traditional editors and press staff. Remember, when you submit a product for review, you are not paying a copywriter to write glowing words about your product – you are asking for an unbiased review. Many bloggers have a wide sphere of influence on the web through blog readership and social media channels. It’s best to keep relationships friendly and mutually beneficial!
  • Follow Up. If you have sent a product, but not received a review or an ETA, follow up. You are much more likely to get a review if you maintain communication with the editor. Be careful not to be pushy or demanding, or you may sever future relationships.
  • Don’t call. Phone calls are a thing of the past in the online world. Many bloggers see phone calls as negative and intrusive. Send your pitch via email and feel free to follow up, but don’t call unless you have permission.
  • Never demand a write-up in exchange for a promotional event invitation. It is implied that bloggers will do their best to write about events they attend, event sponsors, etc. It is considered poor form to demand a blog post, just as it would be considered tacky to invite a TV or newspaper editor to an event on conditional terms. Relax. Even if you don’t get a write-up, you’ve made a connection. Never discount the power of networking!

Not sure where to find quality beauty and fashion bloggers? Click here for some tips.

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On November 29, 2013
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3 Responses to How to Pitch Bloggers

  1. Some excellent points, however, I’ll add a little to one of them, and that’s the one about asking an online journalist (whether they blog, vlog, or have an online mag) to post about your upcoming event. Whether it’s a gala charity event, a theatre performance, or a party, it’s advertising, not editorial. Yes, if you’re having an event that people have to purchase tickets for and tell the editor that if they post it you’ll give offer admission for them and a plus one, that’s usually a fair deal.

    However, if you own a retail store or sell a product and you’re having a sale, do not ask an online editor to post your in-store consumer event or your 20% off sale for free. Here’s a guideline: If you wouldn’t ask your local newspaper or a local print magazine to post your ad for free, then don’t ask an online editor to do it. Offer to buy an ad.

    • Jen Mathews says:

      Good points Candice! I think it comes down to whether it’s a promotional event for your company (which is what I was thinking when I wrote this) or a paid event (like IMATS, The Makeup Show, etc.).

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