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How to use Periscope

How to Use Periscope

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Want a better way to connect with your audience? Periscope may be the answer. Since launching in March 2015, the live streaming service, which is owned by Twitter, has become the hottest new trend for individuals and businesses. If you don’t mind public speaking live, it could be an incredible tool for your social media marketing arsenal.

Where to Start

Periscope is available for both iOS and Android. Download the app to your device. You can sign in via Twitter or your phone number the first time you launch the app. Most business professionals choose to use Twitter. It’s important to note you can add additional Twitter handles under Settings.

Using Tabs

The four tabs in Periscope are where all the action happens. Use the first and fourth tabs to see who you’re following and to find new broadcasters. The second tab shows available live broadcasts. The third tab is where you can broadcast live yourself.


Take a moment to customize your settings before you start broadcasting. If you used Twitter to sign in, your profile details are imported. You’re free to change anything you want. Always make sure to leave the Autosave Broadcasts setting to On so videos are saved to your device in case you want to post them somewhere later.

Watching a Broadcast

If you want to connect with other businesses, watching their broadcasts live or even a shared replay is a good way to learn more about them. It also gives you a chance to get your brand noticed by chatting or giving the broadcast a heart. Watching also helps give you an idea of how other businesses are using Periscope for marketing.

Sending Your Own Broadcast

Periscope guides you through enabling your camera, microphone and sharing or hiding your location. You can even name your broadcast and invite your Twitter followers to view. After you end the broadcast, it’s available as a replay for one day.

Making the Most Of Periscope

Not sure if Periscope really has a business use? Many businesses are using the app to share behind the scenes information, interviews, meet with other businesses, do live Q&A sessions and reach a worldwide audience. Since you can save a broadcast, it’s easy to share it via other social media channels easily.

From simple news about your company to live meetings with your customers, Periscope offers a chance to market and connect with your customers live. It’s a new social way to engage, build brand awareness and show your customers what your business is all about.

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Are you currently using Periscope? If not, what’s holding you back?

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