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Is Snapchat Here to Stay?

Is SnapChat Here to Stay?

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Despite it’s reputation for more NSFW uses, SnapChat has made its mark on the world and it’s here to stay. It’s not only used by teens and college students to send disappearing nudes. Instead, it’s a powerful social media marketing tool. The fact that the app is so popular with younger uses is just part of its appeal.

Why Younger Users Love It

Apps such as SnapChat and Vine provide users with short burst content. The younger generation has shorter attention spans. Content that only takes a few seconds to absorb is highly appealing. They can view it anywhere and anytime.

Instead of watching a 30 second ad or reading a three minute article, everything’s summed up in a single image or micro video. It’s also one of the reasons sites like Twitter and Tumblr are popular. The shorter the content, the better.

While teens and millennials might seem like they’re oversharing, they value their privacy. SnapChat gives them the ability to share without regret. They know their images are deleted shortly after being viewed. They don’t have to worry about employers or family members seeing something they shouldn’t.

Mobile Is Where Your Audience Is

In 2015, mobile traffic grew by almost 70% with half of all mobile traffic being videos. The majority prefer short burst video content. But don’t discount SnapChat. Those highly customizable photos are an ideal way to connect with this growing mobile audience. What’s easier to view than a quick video? An image. Don’t forget, SnapChat does video too.

If you want your marketing to be effective, you have to think like your target audience. Right now, that means SnapChat. It’s private, it’s quick and it’s personal. Think of it as a way of sending a mobile ad without it seeming as impersonal or random as piggybacking off of a YouTube video.

Ads Within SnapChat

One of the ways SnapChat profits is by allowing advertisers. Despite being worth billions, the company does have to think long term and ad revenue is one way to continue monetizing the business. Companies such as ESPN, Comedy Central and Samsung are already jumping on board.

It’s Here For You To Use

SnapChat is here and it’s not going away any time soon. Make the most of it to market your business. Show behind the scenes sneak peeks or text fellow businesses and know that conversations remain private. Most importantly, be creative and follow the trend of your younger audience.

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On December 4, 2015

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