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Leverage social media on the weekends!

Leverage Social Media on Weekends

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In this day and age it is crucial to have a strong social media presence. However, many business owners erroneously neglect their social media pages on weekends. Even if you aren’t in the office, it’s essential that you maintain a consistent flow of engaging posts and respond to potential customer inquiries or issues from Friday to Sunday.

Your Customers are Most Active on Weekends

On the customer service end of things, the standard 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule is when you are the most active on your social media accounts. However, your customers are on a completely different schedule. For them, weekdays aren’t really when they’re thinking about shopping or making new purchases. Rather, this may be an activity that they reserve for the weekends when they aren’t at work. Hence, it’s crucial that you be present and ready to answer inquiries on social media.

Your Competition May Not Be Around

Plenty of companies don’t check their social media accounts on the weekend. One of the best reasons to be around on the weekends is that you may be present while you competitors aren’t. If customers know that you’re more accessible more often than your competitors, they are more likely to select you over the competition.

Get a Leg-Up on Promotions

In the PR world, Friday is generally considered the best day to release new promotions. Friday is also the day when most people get paid and are looking for new things to buy. If you launch a promotion on a Friday, you may see a huge influx of customers on the weekend. This momentum will help to carry you through the week, which may have otherwise been a slow time for your company.

It may be slightly tedious to have to check in on social media over the weekend, however, if you commit to keeping your social media pages active over the weekend, the results will be worth it.

Top Tier Media offers social media management, strategy and engagement on the weekends for select marketing packages. Contact us today to learn more!

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On March 20, 2015
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