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How to Set Up and Promote a Google+ Business Page

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Google+ How To Guide

With the launch of Google+ business pages, Google has given businesses a brand new way to interact with customers. These pages give businesses a closer social media relationship with customers than ever before, allowing video chats, the sharing of photos and videos and starting discussions. Setting up your profile is easy as pie, and Google gives you many ways to share your link and attract new followers.

To set up your Google+ page, visit the URL http://www.google.com/+/business and click the “Create Your Google+ Page” button. If you’re not logged into your personal Google+ account, you can log in at this time. Otherwise you’ll need to register for a personal Google+ account before setting up your page. You will administer this page through your personal account. Once you’re logged in, you will be lead through the easy set-up process where you tell Google a little bit about your business. Once you’ve categorized your business and entered information about it, you’re now ready to personalize your page. In the tagline area, you can enter 10 or fewer words about your business. You’re also given the opportunity to upload a photo.

Now that you’ve set-up your page it’s time to start attracting followers. After you enter your tagline and upload your photo, you’ll get to a screen which asks you to invite people from your circles. This will send out an invite just to the people in the circles you’ve chosen and no one else.

Connecting your website and your Google+ page is simple and a good way to attract new followers to your page. Find this tool by clicking “Get Started” on your brand page and visit the “Connect your website” page. Using the Google+ badge making tool, you can personalize a website widget that will link to your page and show pictures of all your fans. This tempts visitors of your website to view your Google+ page and possibly follow it.

Don’t forget about promoting on other social media outlets. Share your Google+ page link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your company’s mailing list. If people have added you or your business on one of those sites, chances are they link your product or service enough to add you on another site. Don’t go overboard, though. Link to the page once in a while, not repeatedly. Otherwise you might scare followers away rather than attracting them.

You can also take advantage of the +1 tool Google has. When someone clicks the +1 button on something you’ve posted on your page, that link is listed on their profile for all their followers to see. Add the +1 button to your website by visiting the “Connect your website” page. Clicking the +1 button on a website will also bump up your Google search placement, so this is a great promotional strategy in several ways.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, stay active on the site. Google+ gives a business the opportunity to talk to customers and get their honest opinions about the company, so take advantage of that. Set up a “hangout” to have face-to-face discussions with customers about important topics. Post a question on your page about how the customers like a new product or service you’re offering and get varying opinions without the hassle of setting up a focus group. Stay visible and open to your followers and you’re sure to attract more.

Are you on Google+ yet? Be sure to add Top Tier Media to your circles to learn more social media tips and tricks!

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On November 21, 2011

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