Social Media Consulting


Want to run your own social media channels, but don’t know where to start? Do the words SEO, PPC, CPC, SMS and SMM make your head spin? Not sure how to grow your social media channels or engage with fans? Have a great product or service that you want bloggers to review, but don’t know how to find them or what to say? Don’t worry, we can help. We offer one-on-one Skype, phone or in-person meetings with follow-ups and personalized recommendations.


You will learn:

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  • How to set up and optimize your social media channels
  • How to optimize your website for social media sharing
  • How to increase Edge Rank and get most shares, likes and comments on Facebook
  • How to increase retweets and shares on Twitter
  • How and when to use hashtags
  • How to track clicks and use statistics to find out what works and what doesn’t
  • Etiquette and culture of each social media channel
  • Legal issues with sharing content and photos
  • Ideas for contests and promotions to grow followers and increase engagement
  • SEO and PR tactics
  • How to interact with bloggers and online influencers to earn media placements and product reviews


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