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Top 14 Instagram Apps for Bloggers and Social Media Marketers

Since Instagram is currently one of the world’s most popular social media channels, it’s time to take those photos up a notch. It’s not just about posting what you had for lunch anymore – now it’s about posting what you had for lunch and making it look as amazing as possible! We can’t all be pro photographers, but luckily, there are some great mobile and desktop apps that can take your Instagram photos and videos to the next level and give you an edge up on the competition. If you are looking to get more out of Instagram, here are the 14 best Instagram apps that can help you rise above. These social media apps can be used to create unique video and images for your Instagram feed, find great content to share, and post on your schedule.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular Instagram app that is almost as old as Instagram itself. Whether you are a novice with mobile photos or you are already a pro, you will find this app to be very helpful in creating artistic images. From textured filters and straightening to tilt shift and red eye, this ultimate app has got all the tools you need to be successful in photo design. No wonder it’s ranked high among the best filters for Instagram. For Apple and Android phones.

2. VSCO Cam

Many bloggers, influencers and photographers have found this free app to be a very handy tool when it comes to creating appealing photos. VSCO Cam is one of my favorite go-to apps for minimalist editing. It allows you to edit your photos with responsive filters and other easy-to-use editing tools. The app is generally used to capture high-quality images, thanks to its outstanding built-in features which include a high-quality camera, clarity, brightness and adjustable focus. HypeBeast is a favorite filter for many fashion and beauty bloggers. The intensity of your filter can be adjusted to your preferred option (and yes, you should tone it down – the filters are very intense). Available for Apple iOS and Android.

3. Priime

Priime app
This is a free Instagram app only available for iOS. Whenever your photos pass through a Priime editing process, you will discover that they will always come out best. This is because the app is outfitted with excellent filters created by top photographers from around the world. Compared to other photo editing apps, Priime stands out because of its filter recommendations. This feature helps you to quickly select a filter style based on color, exposure, subject, palette and lots more. Through its in-app purchases, you will find additional filters that are also highly recommended if you are looking to create high-quality photos. Available for iPhone and Mac.

4. Afterlight

Afterlight App

If you are seeking to create some old school effects on your photos, then don’t underestimate the power of Afterlight. This is a great image editing app that makes the task of recreating photos with old-timey effects so easy. It is built with some uncommon vintage filters that make it very easy to tweak photos taken with your mobile device with effects that tell more of the past. For iPhone and Android.

5. Squaready

At times you might want to share a photo but the shape of the photo might not really be what you want and you’re afraid that you might lose some details once you try to crop the picture. Don’t have access to Photoshop’s crop tool? Or not sure how big to make a colored border? No problem. In essence, you no longer have to worry if the photo you are looking to share is not square. Squaready can help you out.

6. Camera+

Camera+ app
This app lets you gain full control of the quality of your photo by ensuring that it is neither under nor over exposed. In order words, it gives you full control over the exposure of your photos by letting you to tweak it to your desired taste. To get this done, double-tap on the screen of your device and you will see how great this functionality can be. Camera+ is only available for iOS.

7. Layout

Layout Instagram app
This is one that I use often. Layout, which was launched in 2015, comes from Instagram itself. It allows for the combination of multiple photographs into one single image. Using this app is a pretty simple process, all you need to do is to use your iPhone’s camera to add new photos or make use of the preexisting ones on your iOS Photos library. You can select photos you want to stylistically combine (up to 9 different photos) and arrange them into a single collage image. It gives you several options to choose from. For iOS and Android.

8. Retro

Retro Instagram ipad app
Retro is one of the best third-party Instagram apps for viewing Instagram on an iPad. This free app offers the same exciting features that are experienced on Instagram by mobile users. Some of which include support for iOS notifications, multi-viewing mode support, a discovery pane for users to access some quality new images on the platform and support for multiple viewing modes. With a $3.99 in-app purchase (IAP) you can unlock some additional features like support for multiple accounts.

9. Latergramme / Later

Later Instagram app
Latergramme (now called Later) is an exciting social media marketing tool that allows iOS device owners to ultimately arrange their posts and uploads from iPod touch or iPhone to be scheduled on Instagram. Although you can gain access to a Latergramme Web app online, everything can be managed from your mobile device. When your scheduled Instagram posts have reached the social network, it sends a push notification out to iPhone owners. This amazing app supports hashtags and comments. If you are running an Instagram account with your business, you will find this app to be highly beneficial. The Free Plan comes with 30 photo posts/month, Search & Repost, 1 User, and 2 Social Profiles. You can upgrade for multiple accounts/users and more photos.

10. Pixelmator

Pixelmator Mac iOS
If you are looking for an iOS or Mac Instagram app with more powerful edit features, then you should go for Pixelmator. With this app, you can sketch, paint edit and create images that are relatively complex with multiple layers on your tablet or smartphone. This is not a free mobile app – currently it costs $4.99. Pixelmator is endowed with powerful edit features that can hardly be found in any other app. If you are also using Pixelmator for Mac on your computer, you don’t need to worry about conversion as your edits will seamlessly sync between the two platforms.

11. Quick

Quick Instagram app
This free iOS and Android Instagram app is a must have for every iPhone and iPod touch user. It provides Instagram-bound photographs with amazing stylistic text. The quality is never lost as it always presents a well-designed feel and look. It comes in very handy with a range of free, default fonts that perfectly matches any photograph and scenario. Quick allows mobile users to embed the location of the photo, or a slogan onto a company image. This is not only done in a speedy manner, it is also done in a way that aesthetically goes along with the overall effect of the picture.

12. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam app
Have you ever thought of creating a photo that features a unique flow of glowing letters and shapes in the air at night? Now, your imagination can become a reality with the Slow Shutter Cam app. All you have to do is, use your mobile device to take long-exposure images and take along a couple of glow sticks. At the initial stage, it may seem a little bit challenging but with constant practice, you can get the hang of it. A little too advanced? Slow Shutter Cam also lets you take motion blur photos (think moving train), light trail photos (think – moving cars at night) or low light photos (similar to a slow shutter speed on a dslr camera).

13. Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch layout app
Sometimes having a collection of too many photos can be quite challenging. But you tend to appreciate them more when they are brought together in one piece. This is what Pic Stitch does. It allows you to set your photos and quickly while arranging them onto one beautifully framed image. Unarguably, this presents a great way of grouping photos without having to share a collection of updates all at the same time.

14. Facetune

Facetune for Instagram

Facetune is every selfie-lover’s dream. It’s kind of like a simplified version of Photoshop. You can use the Facetune toolbox to provide skillful corrections to portraits – remove blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of redeye, remove fuzzies on clothing. This will certainly make a great social media marketing tool for you especially if your business displays shots of customers or employees in its Instagram feed. In just two swaps and taps, you can use Facetune to correct those little skin imperfections while ensuring that everyone is shown in their best light. Just don’t go crazy with the wrinkle smoother (blur tool) – trust me on this one.

Instagram has unarguably captured the hearts of many people from around the world. Whether you’re a social media guru or a selfie-queen, these apps can give your work that final touch it needs to look good before presenting it to your audience. Back in the day, this kind of polish would require hours of time to undertake and thousands of dollars worth of work of equipment to use. So, why not try them out and improve your video and photo-sharing game on Instagram. Let me know which apps you use the most in the comments below, and if you love this article please share!

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